Balloon Centerpieces


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    Balloon Centerpieces, San Antonio TX

    Gorgeous Balloon Centerpieces for All Events

    If it’s not a wedding you’re planning but you still like the idea of a balloon centerpiece(s), then we’d love to design that for you as well!  We can create balloon centerpieces to match any event, whether it’s a birthday party, corporate function, anniversary, and more.  No event is too big (or too fun!) for us to handle.  Just give us a ring or book an appointment online so that we can get some of the details of what we’re working with, what color schemes (if any in particular) you’d like, and we’ll get started straightaway!

    And you don’t have to worry about your decorations falling flat.  We use long-lasting helium in all of our balloons, so they are guaranteed to last for days!  They’ll stay full and floating throughout your entire event with no problems at all. From balloon stands, to balloon columns and balloon towers in San Antonio, we do it all!

    Wedding Balloon Centerpieces San Antonio

    When it comes to your wedding, everything deserves to be just right.  And if you want decorations that will perfectly reflect the joyful nature of the occasion, then you should consider going with our gorgeous balloon centerpieces!

    Our company has been creating balloon centerpieces for weddings for years.  Guests both old and young are delighted with them, and they make for amazing photos!  We offer a wide range of colors, so we can definitely match any theme or style for your special day.  Our balloons come in both matte and foil options.

    We also offer letter balloons if you would like to spell out a special message or your names, and can craft specialized custom balloon designs in any shape to really make your decorations pop (no pun intended!).

    We can handle any size wedding, so whether you’re looking for a big, blow-out party or a small private gathering, Balloon Decoration Pros is here to help.  We promise that our fabulous balloon decorations will help transform your wedding into the magical, fun day you always dreamed of! ​

    Balloon Bouquets San Antonio

    In addition to balloon centerpieces, we can also create big, eye-catching balloon bouquets.  All of our bouquets can be designed around a specific theme to best match your event.  They can include special message balloons, different shapes, and multiple colors (available in both matte and foil options).  Balloon bouquets work great as end pieces or decorations throughout a room, or can just be a really fun way to wish congratulate someone on their special day!

    If you’re looking for the most beautiful and fun balloon centerpieces for events and parties, then you’ve come to the right place!  You can book your appointment now by calling 210-729-6807. You can also free out our online form for a free quote!

    We’re available seven days a week, 365 days a year so that we can always be ready to fill your event with our awesome, long-lasting, joy-bringing balloons!  Give us a call today and turn your event into something spectacular! Please contact us a minimum of a few weeks before your event to allow for design and planning, as well as set up.